Our Mission:

Clear your minds of traditional log loader to slasher hook ups and limited use. From the conception of timber slashers, it has always been the log loaders engine and hydraulics that is used on powering either a circle saw or bar saw slasher. The benefit of this is one engine powers both machines. This is great, but unfortunately that slasher has to be mated to that one loader. Most operators do not have two or more identical loaders with that exact plumbing and hydraulic connections for just one slasher. Not if, but when that one loader goes down for repairs, usually the slasher sits there not being used.

Furthermore, if any pump goes bad, metal filings can be put into the hydraulic oil. Both machine’s components can be compromised.

In high temperature lands around the earth, circle saws are usually not used because of excessive oil heat. These contractors would love to have the cutting speed of a circle saw and the longevity of carbide bits in muddy wood, but cannot keep oil temperature moderate – we have the solution to both. Most contractors realize the advantages of owning and operating a crawler style log loader. The trend and demand for these are strong. Eighty percent of the top selling brands do not have the option of a circle saw hydraulic package in them. This hydraulic option does not exist on any excavators. The engineers and manufactures know why. Hydraulics for the final drives and for a circle saw demands are two very different circuits to be crammed in an already crowded center port area. A very well-known logger in the south told me an incident of an operator of a crawler log loader. He was carrying a ground style bar saw up off the ground and dragging approximately twenty feet of hydraulic hoses from point A to point B across a swamp. He was looking at something far off and rotated his upper structure a little to see better. He ran across his hydraulic lines ripping them out of his center port swivel and lost all his oil, coming to rest in a deep swamp now contaminated with oil (and poisonous snakes).

Many multi-faceted companies are using their excavators for tree handling when doing land development projects. It keeps their crews busy and do not sub out to loggers. Sooner or later these trees have to be cut into shorter, usable lengths. They are quickly learning the danger of inexperienced saw hands on the ground near a swinging excavator with a thumb. These companies do not want to spend three or four hundred thousand dollars for dedicated loader slasher when their excavator is available and paid for.

The logging workforce is getting older and those who plan on retiring in a few years are not going to drain their savings to keep up with technology. They don’t want to go deep into debt. Also, some are so loyal to certain brands they would rather fight than switch. Even if another brand would fit their operation better. If you want to gain a logger as a new customer, here is a proven fact.

It has to be heavy duty, simple to operate, diagnose and repair. Dealer service and a feeling of being part of a family is incredibly vital. Communication and concern before, during and after the sale is crucial. For the benefit of all parties involved for years to come, just treat others like you would like to be treated. Today, as never before, world trade markets, and health pandemics are causing us to think carefully before making big purchases. Lending institutions are becoming more cautious on helping new ones to get started. How does a beginner convince a lender he needs a million dollars to process wood with a new style machine. We hear daily reports of people signing on the bottom line , just to go bankrupt a year or two later. New ones need help to get started in this business and when they get established and are financially stable, then by all means purchase the best you can afford. New ones need to walk before they can run . All of our futures are at stake. Spruce Creek Mechanical LLC. has come up with a unique way to help people with their dilemma of economically bucking trees into log lengths safely.

“Cut the umbilical Cord”® with a self powered slasher mounted on a self-propelled tracked carrier similar to tracked chippers and grinders. The low and long undercarriage keeps the slasher close to the ground and stable. It can be turned and adjusted at a moment’s notice to fit the ever changing scene on a modern logging job. No hydraulics or electrics to hook up. Cordless remote control can be used in any log handling machine. Picture how this can be so beneficial from an operators standpoint.

Whether you have a large 538 style Cat log loader on tracks, a 595 Barko turntable loader on wheels, a DX225 Doosan excavator or even an older log loader you’ve had for years, you can now cut up trees into logs at amazing speed with a small versatile and affordable self-powered slasher. For the small operator that is content with his size, he can back up his rear mount 120 Prentice size loader and pull trees sideways onto the slasher deck beneath him to cut them to length. Two foot increment marks are built into the frame. Nobody has ever given contractors an option like this . Stop and take time to ponder this.


John Steciak Jr. – Inventor / Designer